5052 Aluminum

5052 Aluminum

The sheer number of available metal choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? Which metal has the properties you need in your finished product? That’s why the Short Iron Store is here for all artists, hobbyists, and metal fabricators who need to choose the best material for their project. We are happy to use our expertise to recommend the most suitable metals. We will even cut the metal to your specifications and transport it to your work site.

Aluminum is one of the metals we keep in stock. There are different kinds that perform best under different circumstances, and we will gladly help you choose the one that would work best for your purposes. Here is more information about 5052 aluminum alloy and its many uses.


What is 5052 Aluminum?

It is a lightweight metal primarily alloyed with magnesium and chromium. It is known for its excellent formability and is considered the best welding aluminum. It is low density, has a high tensile strength, and is a more durable and more affordable alternative to stainless steel. Its smooth, attractive finish makes it a good choice for both ornamental and functional applications.


Properties of 5052 Aluminum

5052 aluminum plate has very good corrosion resistance, even in marine or underwater settings. It is also an excellent low-density thermal conductor. Unlike some aluminum alloys, it is not heat treatable.

The alloy composition of 5052 aluminum is as follows:

  • Magnesium – 2.2%-2.8% by weight
  • Chromium – 0.15%-0.35% maximum
  • Copper – 0.1% maximum
  • Iron – 0.4% maximum
  • Manganese – 0.1% maximum
  • Silicon – 0.25% maximum
  • Zinc – 0.1% maximum
  • Remainder Aluminum

It is a highly weldable metal, very good for arc and resistance welding, but has poor solderability because tough oxides on the surface prevent the formation of intermetallic layers. Tin-zinc solders are often used to join aluminum to aluminum. They usually require brushing with a stainless steel brush to break up the aluminum’s oxide coating.

Aluminum is a recyclable and environmentally-friendly product. 75% of all aluminum made since 1888 is still being used today.


Uses for 5052 Aluminum

5052 aluminum’s properties make it an excellent choice for general sheet metal work, electrical enclosures, gas lines and tanks, boat parts, aircraft tubing, refrigerator lining and fencing. Other applications include flooring panels, heat exchangers, rivets and panels. Because of its superior corrosion resistance, it is often used in seawater and salt spray environments as well as wastewater treatment facilities. Its smooth, shiny finish also lends itself well to ornamental metal work.


The Short Iron Store Carries 5052 Aluminum

Have you decided that 5052 aluminum is what you need? The Short Iron Store has it in stock! If you’re still undecided, we have dozens of metals to choose from. Simply stop by our Fort Worth location and we will answer any questions you have about versatile 5052 aluminum, other aluminums, and any other metal you’re interested in.

Our customers are our number one priority, and our goal is to help you turn your ideas into creations. We do this by giving you the best pricing and the best customer service possible. From the planning phase to the final construction, we will be there to help at every turn. Our experts understand that timelines and budgets have an effect on your final product, so we work to get you everything you need as quickly as possible at a price you can afford. If we don’t have a metal in stock, we can usually get it for you the same day.

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