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7 Tips to Transport Metal

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Metal is a fantastic, durable material suited for just about anything—endless drops of all different lengths and dimensions allow for beautiful designs and useful purposes. Whether tube, pipe, plate, sheet metal or any other kind of metal you have for various projects or business needs, metal is the way to go.

Metal is Sturdy—and Heavy

While it’s a universal, beautiful and dependable material, metal is heavy—very heavy. Because one of the main reasons for using metal is its sturdiness, it tends to stay in one spot. Typically, people choose a designated area to place their metal and leave it there for long periods of time, without intentions to move it anytime soon.

However, as time progresses, things change. Whether you’re facing a big move or circumstances change, moving that large metal object—or objects—suddenly becomes a concern. If you’re thinking “how do I move large metal?” we’ve got you covered. As the premier custom metal fabricator and supplier of Fort Worth, we at Short Iron Store have broken down effective ways to move your metal.

Below are 7 effective tips to transport metal to save you time, money and energy.

1. Calculate the Distance

First thing’s first, assess exactly how far you need to move your metal. Figure out the distance, route and even the traffic conditions on the way to your destination. Just planning and calculating the distance alone greatly affects the outcome of moving your metal—and the technique you plan to use.

2. Do Some Research

Believe it or not, metal can be fairly easy to move—if you know what you’re doing. You don’t want to simply pull apart your metal or lug it around recklessly without knowing how to handle it. Before transporting your metal, do some research on it. Find out how easily it cracks, or if you’re able to gently take it apart for reassembly later.

3. Start Planning

Whether you decide to take it apart and reassemble it or transport it as is, make sure you have a solid plan in place. If you do decide to take your metal apart, label each piece beforehand—this will save you a lot of trouble. If you’re transporting the metal as is, make sure you have the manpower available to safely lift each piece. Additionally, make sure you have all the tools you need at your disposal before taking anything apart.

4. Make Sure the Weather is Right

Most may not think of this, but choosing the right season and weather to move your metal plays a huge role in transporting. As a major tip, do not move your metal during the winter—the ice will only make it more difficult, not to mention dangerous. The best time to move would be the fall or spring; when the ground is dry and the weather is kind. Also, the ground will be much more forgiving if you decide to slide your metal instead of lifting or taking it apart.

5. If Disassembling Your Metal… 

If your circumstances prove it’s best to disassemble your metal, make sure that you remove the heavier parts first. After that’s out of the way, make sure to label and bag each of the small parts so you can reassemble it efficiently.

6. If Sliding Your Metal….

If your circumstances help you decide that it’s best to slide your metal, the best way would be with a skidder. Gather the manpower you need to lift each side and place it on the skidder and gently slide it to your destination. Be cautious of your speed! While metal is durable and strong, it’s still at risk for cracking or breaking if impacted hard enough.

7. Talk to a Professional

If you don’t have any way to move your metal, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look up your nearest metal fabrication and supply professional and consult with them to find the best way to transport your metal. If you’re in Fort Worth, give Short Iron Store a call—we’ll help you safely move your metal where it needs to go.

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