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The Short Iron Store was founded with one purpose in mind, saving hobbyist, artist, and all other metal fabrication project professionals the time and trouble of getting random lengths of metal products needed for your next big project.
At Short Iron Store our mission is to provide the right amount of materials and services, at the right price. We specialize in creating a strategic plan to bring your project to life whether it be metal art, metal cutting, or welding. Our focus is to execute our customer’s ideas… so challenge us!


Mike began working with his parents at a very young age, assisting with their contracting companies. He eventually moved onto working with steel buildings, sheet metal erection, and fabrication. Mike later transitioned into a sales position at a multi-location steel company. Early on, Mike possessed the business spirit with his willingness to go above and beyond in order to make an impact within the industry. He specifically had the desire to make a better and more engaging metal supply and metal services company and it wasn’t long until his vision turned into a reality.


Along comes Chris. Chris began his career working with his father by taking care of church grounds and completing building maintenance. At the age of seven, he started a small engine repair shop where he rebuilt lawn mowers and equipment. In high school, Chris repaired trailers and competed in FFA welding contests, where he began working on his own race car chassis and motor builds. Chris later joined the Navy and served honorably overseas for four years. Once out of the service, he worked several jobs and started several small DBA companies until he worked his way into industrial refrigeration.

Mike and Chris

Chris discovered Mike one day when purchasing metal materials for one of his projects. Right away, Chris was impressed with Mike’s extensive knowledge and work ethic. So, he offered him a position at North Texas Screw Compressors. Within four short months, in February of 2018, Chris propositioned Mike on the Short Iron Store and the two of them began drafting the ownership documents. They had the idea to create a better metal services company for intermediate contractors and the DIY consumer. That’s where Short Iron Store was born.

The Team

Our team consists of highly trained fabricators, sales support staff, and a great customer support team. With years of experience, our fabricators deal with many aspects of designs including structural, architectural, and custom one-off design. Our sales staff has extensive knowledge from major structural iron work to light material needs. They also understand cut to length programs as well as multi-load truck delivery and fabrication. Our team is under construction to serve you.

The Difference

The Short Iron Store specializes in bringing your project closer to completion, from start to finish. The Short Iron Store is there to assist you in buying, processing, and delivering of stainless steel, aluminum, steel and other metals. Unlike other companies out there, we take the time to sit down and help our customers walk through their ideas. Where our competitors have a buy, sit, and sell strategy, creating inconsistent pricing to the consumer, our team consistently searches all across the country to bring you some of the best pricing across the board. It is our goal at the Short Iron Store to provide the best possible outcome for our customers.

Complete and Custom Metal Fabrication Services


Services and products for welders, manufacturers, DIYers, fabricators, auto parts builders, general contractors, home builders, pipe fitters

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