All About Custom Wall Art Design

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Metal wall art is the latest and greatest trend in interior and outdoor decorating. With its modern and handcrafted look and feel, metal wall art is chic, edgy, and adds a wonderful dynamic to any home. With no borders or frames, metal wall art stands alone and stands out as an accent to any room. It’s quite versatile, too; you could have your family’s name spelled out in wrought iron, a delicate flight of birds or butterflies across your wall, or even seasonal décor. At the Short Iron Store in Fort Worth, we have everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life!

When you’re interested in creating custom metal art designs, the door is wide open to a field of exploration. You can convert a painting into metal wall art, accentuate one piece with another, create a theme, and inspire others with the beautiful designs you create using metal art designs in your home.

Here is our quick and easy guide to DIY metal wall art design.

metal wall art


Perhaps you’ve picked out the wall art you’d like and know exactly what you’re going for. But if you’re in the mood for inspiration, hop onto idea-generating websites such as Pinterest for content that fits harmoniously into your home. Searching for rustic, city-style, or modern looks can all help you find or create the perfect inspired art piece. Or you can create a metal focal point for your holiday guests with different materials like pine cones and plaid flannel bows serving as accents. There’s no limit but your own imagination!


Choose a size that accents the wall without overpowering it. Taking your measurements down helps you be prepared to order the right size for your wall, and holding the tape measure up to your wall helps plot where it will sit when it’s done.

Pilot Holes

When you’re hanging your metal art, drill holes in the metal – one up top, and one on the bottom. If the piece is very heavy, however, create more holes so that you can support it well on the wall. Lightly pencil the wall art against the wall where you’d like to place it. Once you’re done, hold up the metal art design to the wall, place the art piece down, and put pilot holes into the wall. Erase any pencil marks, and proceed to install your beautiful metal wall art design.


When installing metal wall art, you will need to tap anchors to the pilot holes using a hammer. Lining up the holes with your metal wall art, insert a screw that you then tighten. The screws will grip onto the anchor, which will grip the wall, securing all of the metal wall art into its place.

Short Iron Store: Custom Wall Art Makers in the DFW Metroplex

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