If you work as a welder, DIYer, manufacturer, auto part builder, home builder, or if your profession demands high-quality metal materials, Short Iron Store can help you. We offer a broad range of pre-cut, full-length, and even custom materials for our customers. We also offer a variety of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel products, so you’ll be able to find what you need in no time. 

Each of our team members has years of experience, and we know how important quality is. One of our primary goals is to deliver excellent products while saving customers time and money in the process. 

Whether you are looking for materials, custom cutting, or hardware, Short Iron Store can assist you every step of the way. Why settle for anything less than perfect when you can shop with us?


Bar Metal

For companies in need of metal supplies, we offer a wide range of metal bars they can use for their business. We also offer cutting and processing services, if that’s something you’d need. At Short Iron Store, we use a CNC plasma cutter to ensure the precision and accuracy you need. 

In general, bar stock can be used for manufacturing metal parts, and it usually comes with a circular cross-section. Also, you can find different versions as well, and anything from hex to square cross-sections is available. 

Keep in mind that bars include materials with enclosed cross-sections, which means that pipes and anything else with varying diameters is not something that falls into this category. Based on the cross-section and its shape, we can notice round bars, hex bars, square bars (or rectangular), etc. 

The second important category is materials. As you probably know already, each metal has different mechanical properties, and they all have unique purposes. We offer high-quality metal bars made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. Each of these three comes in different types based on their characteristics. For example, steel from the 400 series is magnetic, while the 300 series isn’t. So, be sure to check out our offers to ensure you find the bars you need for your business. 

The Best Metal Supplier in North Texas

If you are searching for the best metal supplier in North Texas, you needn’t look any further. Short Iron Store offers a variety of products, and our team is dedicated to providing the finest customer service possible. 

We currently have stores in Haslet and Fort Worth, but you can contact us regardless of your location. Naturally, you can ask any question you might have. We love meeting new customers and discussing their projects. Even if you are not sure of what you need, our team will sit with you, and we’ll go through everything together. 

There is a reason why we are the best metal supplier in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, and our team is focused on delivering unique and personalized experiences to each of our customers.