Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

When you’re planning your next metalwork project, it is important to use the type of steel that is best suited to the finished product you’re envisioning. The properties of certain metals, including the way they are made and the types of alloys they contain, make different materials better suited for different uses. The production of hot rolled steel has a huge impact on its performance as a finished product, its durability and affordability.

Knowing whether you need hot or cold rolled steel will cut down on time and costs from the outset. The Short Iron Store sells both, along with other specialty metals for your convenience. We can showcase all of your options and help you choose the material that’s right for you. Simply call or drop by, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Before you decide which steel you need, you should get to know the characteristics of each type. Let’s take a closer look at hot rolled steel, how it’s made, and its advantages, properties and limitations.


How Hot Rolled Steel is Made

Hot rolling starts by taking steel and heating it past its recrystallization point. This is an extremely high temperature around 1700° F. At this temperature, the steel is soft and easy to form and shape. It is rolled while it’s soft, and more steel can be rolled onto it to produce a larger quantity of the metal.

After the quantity has been enlarged to make as much hot rolled steel as needed, it is cooled at room temperature. It slowly shrinks as it cools. This method makes the finished steel less prone to cracking when it is worked or quenched later. After it has finished cooling and shrinking, the steel will have a non-uniform shape and a scaly surface finish. The scales can later be ground down or sanded off if necessary.

Hot rolled steel is typically less expensive than cold rolled steel because it takes less time to manufacture. It does not have to be reheated, which saves a good deal of time and labor. The end result is less precisely-shaped than cold rolled steel, but also better suited to structural applications. The steel is sold in sheets or coils, and tends to be less expensive than the more labor-intensive alternatives.


Uses for Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is used when steel is needed in large quantities, like railroad tracks, I-beams, farm equipment, and car frames. It is often used in welding and construction projects where size and flexibility are more important than intricate shaping.

Because of how it is made, hot rolled steel can be thinned out enough to produce high volumes of sheet metal. It is an ideal material for anyone who needs a little bit of give in their metal.


The Short Iron Store Has Hot Rolled Steel

The Short Iron Store carries hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, Corten resistant steel, and all types of aluminum and specialty metals for your projects. We take the time to educate our customers and walk them through every phase of their idea until their project is brought to fruition. We help them choose the materials that will best bring their vision to life and give them the best possible outcome for their project.

If you’re interested in using hot rolled steel for your equipment or structures, call the Short Iron Store today! We bring you the very best in metal supply at a price you can afford, and we will make sure you get the right metal to bring the results you want. We look forward to working with you!

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