How Quality Welding Services Improve Production

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In the manufacturing industry, one of the most essential parts of many processes is welding. No matter what type of building you’re working on, having access to professionally trained, experienced welders can make an incredible difference between a smooth production schedule and a durable product, and the headache of unexpected delays and failed integrity tests. These days, finding a high-quality welder or welding team is getting harder and harder though.

At Short Iron Store in Haslet, TX our team has been working with residents and business owners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area for years, and we know just how important a good welder can be when it comes to production projects. We decided to spend a little time going over why quality welding services are such an important part of the manufacturing process, and the benefits that having an experienced welder available can have for your project.

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The Value of a Good Weld

In the end, practically every industry will rely on the services of an experienced welder to function. Whether the project involves cars, ships, buildings, or even consumer goods and works of art, welders have a place somewhere along the line. Because the supply of qualified welders is failing to keep up with rising demands though, it is getting harder and harder for businesses to hire experienced welders as part of their team.

While there are automated systems out there that can handle some of the work, there isn’t a good replacement on the market for an experienced professional welder that can handle custom welds and who can adapt to unexpected circumstances in the middle of the project. While an automated welding system can do a job quickly, there is no way to guarantee the quality of work, and a machine doesn’t have the awareness to correct a potential problem midway through a weld.

What IS a “High-Quality” Weld?

Three major elements come together during a welding project to ensure that the welds are solid, reliable, and long-lasting.

These elements are:

A Certified Welder – Working with a trained professional that has been certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) can make a big difference when it comes to tackling a welding project. Working with a certified welder is the best way to ensure that the work you need will be handled the right way.

Weld Inspector – A trained weld inspector does more than check the integrity of each weld. This person is also responsible for making sure that the welding environment overall allows for safe, high-quality work. This person is also tasked with making sure the welder has access to all the tools they need to handle the job properly and can be a deciding factor between an average weld and a superior finish.

Proper Stress Relief Methods – Keeping the metal hot until each piece is ready to be cooled is an important part of welding. Cooling too fast could create serious problems in the integrity of the project. Therefore, stress relief, which is a method used to keep metal at high temperatures during the welding process, is so important to the overall weld.

Dangers of Low-Quality Welds

There are several problems you could be forced to deal with as a result of poor welding jobs. Planar defects are a common problem that includes cracks, improper fusion, or poor penetration. A planar defect can compromise the overall integrity of your metal, and be a major safety concern down the road.

Another common problem is known as a volumetric flaw, meaning that the weld was too thick, or contained extra slag. While this is not as serious of a problem as planar flaws, it can still lead to a need for extra work at a later time which will end up costing extra time and money.

The third type of common welding flaw has to do with the overall shape of the weld itself. This involves improper alignment or incorrect profile on your final product. Although the integrity of the weld itself might be fine, this type of problem could prevent future progress on your project and require a revision weld costing extra time and money.

Outsource Your Welding to the Short Iron Store in Haslet, TX

Handling welding projects the right way can be a difficult proposition without access to the right people, materials, and equipment to get the job done properly. Instead of spending time searching for the perfect independent welder to join your team while slowing down production, reach out to our team at Short Iron Store today. We’ve got years of experience working with individuals and businesses throughout the DFW Metroplex, and we’re always ready to help you with your welding projects and other welding related needs!