How to Remove Rust From Metal Wall Art

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Metal wall art is a beautiful, rustic way to decorate your home. Over time, metals might start to develop rust. With most metals, this can’t be avoided, but the rust can be removed gently without damaging the art itself. There are a few ways to take care of rust buildup on metals, as well as some considerations to make sure you aren’t damaging the metal in the process. Here’s a guide to cleaning rust off your metal wall art so you can keep it looking shiny and beautiful. 

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Home Remedies

Vinegar is one great way to gently remove rust from metal. It’s a weak acid and a powerful cleaner. All you have to do is soak your metal wall art in vinegar for 10-20 minutes if the rust is light, or overnight if it needs a heavy-duty clean. To get better results, add lemon juice or baking soda to the vinegar. If the piece can’t be soaked, wet a paper towel with vinegar and wrap it around the rusted parts of the metal. 

You can also mix baking soda and water into a paste and apply it to the metal. Leave it on for about half an hour and then wipe it off with a wet rag. This method is good for rust that’s just starting to form, or for pieces that can’t be taken down. 

When using home remedies to clean your metal art, mess around with the ingredients, application and wait time to see what works best for you. These methods are a great use of ingredients you probably already have in your home, and they can be much cheaper and less damaging.

Commercial Cleaners

If you’re dealing with stubborn rust, it might be time to look for a commercial cleaner. We recommend looking for navel jelly to dissolve rust. When shopping for rust cleaners, look for a product with oxalic acid. Always wear gloves when working with commercial rust cleaners, since they’re made of harsh chemicals. 

Tips for Cleaning Metal Without Causing Damage

When cleaning your wall art, avoid using steel wool. Instead, use a toothbrush, plastic scrubber, some crumpled aluminum foil, or sandpaper if your art is durable. You can also use sandpaper to scrape some rust off before the treatment, which will make it easier for your chemical of choice to penetrate the rust. Always rinse treatment chemicals off with water and dry immediately to avoid anymore rust. 

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