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Custom Art

Do you have a vision you want brought to life? Look no further, for we can create your custom art here at Short Iron Store. It all starts with an idea, either from the customer’s mind or drawing, from one of our templates, or from a one-on-one creation session with our staff. Our templates provide you with a base idea for which you then can customize to your liking. In our one-on-one sessions, the customer can sit down with one of our designers to construct their dream piece of art. Our designers will use their past experience and extensive metal knowledge to composite a one in a million piece of art.

No matter how the idea is conceived, the next step in our art creation is for our fabrication staff and CNC programmers to work hand in hand to build your project. They will take your design and program it into our C.A.D. software in order to get the perfect cut of metal. From there, our staff doesn’t limit themselves to only one technique and will perform a combination of bending, welding, and machining in order to complete the art.

When it comes to specifics, we can create your art with almost any type of metal. Customers are welcome to specify a material or our staff can recommend a metal that will be ideally suited for the project. We also are not limited to just single dimension work. We are able produce everything from 1D to 3D. In addition, we are not limited by size. At Short Iron Store, we don’t have a minimum or maximum size for our art…so challenge us. One of the greatest aspects of our work is our freedom and ability to create anything our customers put their mind to.

Pre-Made Art

It’s no problem if you don’t have customized art in mind. At Short Iron Store, we have an ample supple of pre-made art for sale created by our expert team. Some of this art includes a 17-foot 2000 pound dinosaur, a 23 foot Eiffel tower, a 8 foot American flag, and even a 4 foot cactus with L.E.D. lighting. Stop by our store today to check out some of our amazing creations for sale.

Why Us?

In many custom art circumstances, you tell the creator your idea and the next time you hear from them is when you’re picking your art up. That’s not the case with us. When you work with Short Iron Store, you will receive constant communication and a one-on-one relationship with your project. This ensures that every element of the project is up to your standards and exactly how you pictured it. Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of our customers and make the process seamless for everyone involved. So, call us today and let us bring your art to life.

Let Us Bring Your Art To Life


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