Welding Fabrication

Types of Welding

Here at Short Iron Store, we utilize MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), and conventional stick welding. MIG welding involves repeatedly feeding a wire of electrodes through a specialized handheld gun to form an arc, which fuses the material together. MIG welding has a wide set of uses, but its’ easy and simplicity to operate make it ideal for producing aesthetically pleasing welds and metal art. TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to heat the material to a high enough temperate to melt, creating a weld “puddle”. TIG is considered to be the cleanest form of welding due to its’ lack of splatter. Therefore, like the MIG, TIG is also used for precise work, like car bodies and sculptures. Lastly, stick welding uses a single electrode and a consumable rod to create an intense heat, in order to melt the two pieces of material together. Stick welding typically produces the strongest welds and is often used for the thickest of materials. For this reason, it is frequently used for construction use and heavy repairs.


We use both Miller Electric and the Lincoln Electric for our welding projects at Short Iron Store. John Lincoln founded Lincoln Electric in 1895. The company started as an electric motor manufacture, but later shifted to manufacturing portable welding machines. Today, Lincoln is known as being “the pinnacle of excellence in the welding equipment industry.” Our Lincoln machines are of the highest quality and produce the best work for our clients. Neils Miller on the other hand founded Miller Electric in 1929 with the intention to meet the large demand for affordable welding equipment. Miller’s extensive research and development has allowed them to produce hundreds of innovative new products used in the welding world today. We are fortunate enough at Short Iron Store to have both of these top-of-the-line pieces of equipment to meet the needs of our clients.

How We Do Welding

At Short Iron Store, our welding process is what drives our success. First, we always check the quality of the material. We only work with the highest quality materials to ensure your projects are completed up to our standards. Next, we prepare the surfaces to be welded. We remove old deposits, paint, slag, oxidation, oils, debris and any foreign material that may compromise the product quality. Once the surface is prepared, our welders make sure the machine is tuned to the material thickness and the project’s need. When the weld is complete, we perform a structural and visual inspection of the work. We check for penetration, position of the weld, quality of the weld, and inspect for any defects or porosity. Finally, when the weld passes our inspection, it is ready for the customer.

Why Us For Your Welding?

We only hire the best to do our work at Short Iron Store. Our welders have extensive custom fabrication welding experience and some even have certified product welding experience. In addition, we pride ourselves in our efficiency. Most times, we can start you project same day and have it completed before you even know it. Not only is our productivity top of the industry, our customers rave about the overall appearance and quality of our welding services. You can be assured when you use Short Iron Store for your welding, your project will truly look like a piece of art.


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