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Small Welding Projects That Can Be Done at Home

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Tips | 0 comments

Welding is a process that involves using extreme temperatures to reshape metal. While this does mean that there are some safety concerns to think about when deciding to attempt a welding project at home, it doesn’t have to be a reason to avoid it entirely. For both beginners and experts, welding can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience when done the right way.

Learning how to weld has become easier than ever before, and there are quite a few ways to get started including classes, books, and other sources of information that will point you in the right direction and give you important advice on how to stay safe. Once you’ve managed to get some information and equipment though, there is still the question of what to do.

If you’ve decided to get into welding, but aren’t sure what kinds of projects to try out while practicing your skills, then here are a few simple ideas that can help you get started without feeling overwhelmed. It is important to keep in mind though, that some projects should always be left up to the professionals, but we’ll go over those later.

1) Metal Brackets

Whether you need to repair an existing bracket, or you’re just looking to experiment with some extra pieces of metal, starting out simply is a great choice when getting into welding. These projects involve little more than a few small pieces of metal that have been joined together to create a bracket that could be used for any number of things around the home.

If you’re uncertain what kind of bracket to make, or what shape to form, then a look through a local hardware store is a great way to start generating some ideas. Taking a look through a hardware store is a wonderful way to get ideas for a variety of small, simple items that you can make at home using only a few small pieces of metal.

2) Creative Artwork

This may seem like a very broad term, but the reality is that the process of creating what can be called “art” out of only a few pieces of scrap metal is very easy. Whether you’ve already got ideas in your head or not, it isn’t hard to get started creating various pieces of art and other decorations using stuff you’ve probably got lying around waiting to be thrown away.

If you’re struggling for ideas, a few quick searches of images online can give you an idea of where this can go. Anything from yard art, to wall decorations for a home or even creative bookends, can all be thrown together to add real character to a space. One example of creative yard art is using a few old wrenches and a metal rake combined with a bit of scrap metal to create a fish! With a little bit of imagination, almost anything can become a fresh canvas for your creativity to be expressed.

3) Containers

Whether you’re thinking of creating something unique to hold precious belongings such as jewelry, or a few pencils, the project doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking a few rounded pieces of metal combined with a flat bottom, containers of various sizes and shapes can easily be created. While things like hinges and lids might be a little more complicated to create, creating different kinds of containers can be a great way to practice your technique.

If you’re struggling for ideas, a trip to an antique store or a search online would probably give you plenty of ideas for how to get started. Of course, it is always important to let your creative vision emerge when working on a project. The great thing about a small project like a container is that if you feel like it’s not working out, you won’t lose much time or material by deciding to start over and try again.

The Things You Should Leave To a Professional

While it is understandable to always try and get things taken care of on your own, there are some situations where hiring a professional is the right choice for several reasons. If you’re facing a problem involving a complicated welding job, and you’re not a professional welder yourself with the right tools and experience to get it done safely, then you should make the right call and ask for help.

At the Short Iron Store, our team of professional welders is always ready to tackle challenging, complex welding jobs that might have you scratching your head or wondering what kind of equipment you would need to get it taken care of. Advanced welding knowledge is about more than speed and efficiency, it’s about knowing which tools to use for the job, which positions to weld in safely on a complicated project, and most importantly, which techniques to use to make sure that the welds being done will be secure and reliable so they don’t fall apart unexpectedly and causing serious damage or injury.

If you’ve got a difficult welding job you just aren’t sure about, be sure to reach out to our team so we can talk about what we can do to make sure it is done the right way, and the safe way.


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