Why More Women are Becoming Welders Than Ever Before

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Women were welding all over America during World War II, and the trend is finally on the rise again. Ever since the famous poster of Rosie the Riveter got women to rally to wartime labor roles to fill the work shortages of the 1940s, women have rocked their chance to prove their ability at skilled jobs. Now women welders are making a comeback — and the Short Iron Store has all the supplies metal welders in Fort Worth could possibly need!

Here are just a few reasons why women are returning to welding in greater numbers than ever.

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Increasing Demand

Welding is one industry facing a dearth of employees that will only increase as workers retire in larger and larger numbers. Demand in manufacturing, wholesale, and construction requires welders, and women are also entering newer high-tech trades like engineering, robotics, and computer programming.

A Flexible Job

A flexible job with hours and opportunities for travel, welding is a job that is both active and allows others to focus on specializations. A good welder can switch attention between managing, inspecting, educating, manufacturing, delivering, maintaining machinery, and operating advanced computer systems.

High Average Salaries

The average salary for a welding or skilled trade is relatively high for a trade that requires only year-long training. The average wage given to Solderers, Brazers, Welders, and Cutters in 2015 was $40,970. Administrative assistants, on the other hand, managed only $36,500 with a growth rate of only 3%.

Career Restart Opportunity

For a life change or mid-career change, welding makes a great choice. The age of the average welder is fifty-five, so the market isn’t totally dominated by youngsters. Trade school takes a lot less time than a four-year college, lasting only a year or less.

Career opportunities for welders are also abundant – the U.S. Census Bureau reported that one-quarter of all businesses are owned by female entrepreneurs. Those who are seeking self-employment represent 17.5% of construction workers, and of those, 7% of welders are self-employed.

Switching Fields Made Easy

With all the trade opportunities for women, welding as a new career or field change is a promising and smart move. As one of the most rewarding trades in the professional world, it’s drawing women who want minimal training for maximum benefits.

School Enrollment on the Rise

Female students are finding their calling in welding, and colleges are taking notice. The welding school at Texas State Technical College’s Brownwood campus has seen a spike in female student enrollment. One Brownwood student named her grandfather as her inspiration for joining the school. Although women welders only make up 4.1% of the population, they still make amazing workers, and instructors at the Texas State Technical College hope to see more women, who they feel are incredibly capable, enroll.

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